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Hi, I'm Vincent, and I'm a software developer living in Los Angeles.


In college, I studied Econ and minored in Comp Sci. After graduating, most of my experience was geared towards finance and I liked the field, so I stuck with it. I moved to Pennsylvania where I learned about financial markets while working as an analyst. Then I transferred to San Francisco where I worked in a small team managing fixed-income portfolios.

As an analyst, I liked working with financial models and data, and I noticed a lot of the work could be improved or automated with better software and techniques. I realized I wanted to be in a more technical role in the long-term. So I asked myself: What would I want to be doing 5-10 years from now? The idea of programming again popped up.

I started relearning the fundamentals and building frontend and backend apps while experimenting with different languages and technologies like Java, Kotlin, Go, Javascript, React. Recently I've mainly been using Java, not the coolest language out there, but it gets the job done and has a great ecosystem. I'm glad I made the jump from finance to software engineering. Programming has that unique blend of challenges, creative work, and practical output that makes it worth while.

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