Vincent XiaoLos Angeles, CA

Hi, I'm Vincent — I'm a software developer living in Los Angeles.


In college I studied Economics and minored in Computer Science. After graduating, I moved to Pennsylvania and learned about financial markets while working as an analyst. Afterwards I moved to San Francisco and continued working in a small team managing fixed-income portfolios.

I liked working with financial models and data, and I noticed a lot of things could be improved or automated with better software and techniques. In general I wanted to be in a more technical role. So I asked myself: What would I want to be doing 5-10 years from now? The idea of programming again popped up.

I left finance to pursue software engineering full-time. I brushed up on programming fundamentals. I built frontend and backend apps while experimenting with different languages and technologies including Java, Kotlin, Go, Javascript, and React. Recently I've mainly been using Java. Overall, I'm glad I made the jump. Programming has that unique blend of challenges, creative work, and practical output that makes it worth while.

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